Brown Bag Series- “Malaria: Forgotten from the History Books..."

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 12:00pm


Williams Hall, Room 070
“Malaria: Forgotten from the History Books: The Unrecognized, yet Amazing Influence of Malaria on World History”
Priyokti Rana (‘18), IDEAS Program 
After traveling to the rural village of Bubiita, Uganda as an Iacocca intern and completing an independent study, Priyokti realized the scope of the effects that the malaria parasite has had on human history and our world. Because of malaria, wars have been won and lost, genetic mutations have occurred, and global institutions have been created. Join us to learn more about malaria’s history and how it continues to impact our modern world.
Bring your own lunch. 
Beverages and dessert provided.



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