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Jenny graduated Lehigh in May 2010 as an English Major and HMS Minor, and started her career in Laboratory Diagnostic Sales. For the past 5 years, she worked at Quest Diagnostics in Physician Sales, and most recently as a Business Development Manager for the new formation of Quest’s eighth clinical franchise, Sports and Human Performance. In this role, she had the privilege of working for the office of the Chief Medical Officer as a small team worked together to identify biomarkers of human performance, training and recovery and eventually formed Quest’s newest diagnostic screen: Blueprint for Athletes. She says “While this experience was enriching and instrumental to my success in diagnostics, sports science is not a passion of mine. In August 2015 I was approached by Counsyl Genetics, a health tech startup out of San Francisco voted by MIT as #5 on their Smartest Companies list, to join their Clinical Sales Team as their New Jersey Clinical Account Executive. I am proud to say that this is my current role.” She spends her days reaching out to Reproductive Endocrinologists, OB/GYNs, Perinatologists and Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians educating them on Counsyl’s offering which focuses on genetic screening tests for pre-conception and pregnant patients. She quotes “Women’s health holds a very special place in my heart, as I am also involved with and follow the work of the Liya Kebede foundation. Working at Counsyl allows me to help doctors and patients focus on diseases where advanced knowledge can make a big difference in health outcomes one DNA test at a time.”

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