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Niomi is a class of 2014 undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in the HMS program. Her interest in the minor stemmed from her ambitions of using psychological research and methods to measure the impacts of health services in developing communities. The HMS program broadened Niomi's understanding and comparative knowledge of public and global health while also introducing her to specific challenges such as health policy, chronic illness, and access to care. Since her matriculation into the HMS program, Niomi has continued to pursue her interests in public & global health by conducting research on innovative ways to improve health policy in developing countries such as Kenya and South Africa.
"The HMS minor rivaled other health programs for me because of its focus on learning through experience. Each of my classes has always had a hands- on approach to understanding current disparities as well as future possibilities in health systems. I came to college with no prior knowledge of the public health field; but my exposure through the HMS program has given me the outlet I was looking for to influence and improve the health of community groups holistically, rather than the individualistic approach common in medical practice.The HMS program has truly strengthened my views on the potential for change in countries everywhere."

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