Current Student

Dean Granot

Dean Granot is a Senior dual degree candidate graduating with a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience and a second BS in Psychology with an HMS minor. He also works in a neuro-endocrinology lab at mountaintop. He plans to matriculate into medical school for the class of 2020 where he wants to pursue a career working with the Central Nervous System.

Devika Gupta

Devika Gupta is a Senior at Lehigh University majoring in Biology and minoring in the HMS program. She plans on taking a year off after graduation before pursuing medical school. The HMS program has been a great way for her to not only take classes based on health, but also have opportunities to fund her clinical research in India this past summer. She was able to apply many of the concepts she learned in my Global Health Issues class with Professor Lasker last spring during her research abroad.

Casey Colangelo

Casey Colangelo is a senior Biology major and currently minoring in the HMS program. She have aspirations of becoming a Physician Assistant and will be applying to PA schools come April 2016. The HMS minor has helped her take what she learns in her Biology classes and apply it to real life. Casey finds that studying the two in conjunction with one another has really prepared her for entering a career in the medical field. She has thoroughly enjoyed each class given by the HMS program and highly recommends it for anyone interested in a health related profession.

Katherine MacLachlan

Katie MacLachlan is a Senior and Global Studies major with Spanish and Health Medicine and Society minors. Her passion for public health has blossomed through the HMS program, inspiring her to travel, with the university's support, to Tanzania, Vietnam, South Africa and Argentina, where her research and projects focused on public health in community health development internationally.

Emily Beaman

Emily Beaman is currently a Junior at Lehigh University majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in the HMS Program. She has always wanted to work with people as both a leader and volunteer and this shows as she is a Big Sister for the Big Brother Big Sister program of Lehigh Valley. After spending time over the summer conducting biomedical research, Emily realized she wanted to work more with people and is now planning to get her master’s in public health after graduating from Lehigh.

Leah Holmes

Leah Holmes is a junior at Lehigh currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in the HMS program. After graduation, Leah plans to go to physical therapy school to earn her DPT. The HMS program and classes offered helped her prepare for what she plans to pursue after graduation. She found the health care politics and introduction to public health class extremely interesting, and inspired her to pursue a career in health and medicine. The classes provided her with great insight on health care disparities in the US and other countries.

Kelly Jacob

Kelly Jacob is a sophomore Biology major with a minor in the HMS program and Spanish. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school to earn her masters in Physician Assistant Studies. She plans to focus on medicine, mental health, neuroscience and nutrition. The HMS program at Lehigh has allowed Kelly to explore these specific interest and expand her knowledge in all of these areas.

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