Health Equity Lecture APHA Live Screening

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 1:00pm


Neville Hall, Room 003

As part of Health, Medicine and Society's celebration of National Public Health Week.

Health Equity Lecture American Public Health Association (APHA) Live Screening

Achieving Universal Coverage
President-Elect’s Session: All in All: Achieving Universal Coverage
Come out and watch a recorded talk from the American Public Health Association’s
most recent expo for APHA’s Public Health Week! This is a unique opportunity to hear from established professionals discussing their work and opinions regarding universal healthcare coverage in the United States. Come and learn how California has been able to reduce the rate of uninsured people in their state, as well as how a proposal for more coverage for Americans would work, and how this could be put into action, and much more. If you are a student or faculty member that is interested in public health you will love this event! Refreshments and dessert will be provided.
Jeanne Lambrew, PhD | Oliver Fein, MD | Peter V. Lee, JD | Linda Blumberg, PhD | Pamela Aaltonen 
Speakers and moderator have disclosed no financial or commercial conflict of interest relative to this educational session.



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