Internships and Volunteer Opportunities for Students

The following internship programs and volunteer opportunities are currently available:

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc.

Looking for home and community support professionals.

Flexible hours. Opportunities are available assisting individuals with special needs achieve independence in their home and community.

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NIH - Bioethics Fellowships - Applications Now Being Accepted

Application Deadline Date:
Post-doc Application Deadline: Midnight December 31, 2017
Post-bac Application Deadline: Midnight January 15, 2018

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Internship Opportunity: Health Advocacy Program


To bridge the gap between the patient, the provider, and community resources for non-medical related needs such as: food insecurity, housing insecurity, transportation, employment, education counseling, child care, support and follow-up referrals.

Become a Health Advocate!

• Available for students of many different majors

• Great for public health, social work, nursing and pre-med students

• Gain experience with hands-on patient interactions

• Make a positive impact on your community

Health Advocates are crucial to create a system in which we, “measure the quality of healthcare by the diseases prevented, not diseases cured.”

*If interested, please contact Hilda Rivera, Program Coordinator at for more information and complete the LVHN Student Experience Request Form.*

HMS students can receive course credit for this Internship through the HMS Internship course, HMS 293 - 010 (“Design your own Internship”). Applying for HMS 293 is done through the HMS Director, Dr. Jessecae Marsh, after acceptance into the internship. Contact her for more details on the course:

St. Luke's - Community Health and Preventive Medicine Internship

The Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine Internship Application process is currently open.  We are offering exciting public health internship opportunities for students in maternal and child health, school based health initiatives, healthy living and chronic disease prevention, epidemiology, adolescent career mentoring, employee wellness, HIV, public health research and administration.  These internships are competitive and open to students enrolled at all area colleges.  Students will work on programming/projects directly related to our communities. The Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine operates across all seven St. Luke’s University Health Network campuses using a network wide approach developed as a result of the Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). The network and campus specific five health priorities determined by the Community Health Needs Assessment for the 2016-2019 cycle include: 

  • Improving Access to Care and Reducing Health Disparities
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Preventing Chronic Disease
  • Improving Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Improving Child Health
  • Improving Elder Health

Interested students should visit this link: Contact for more information about the Internship duties and descriptions of the involved activities.

The deadline for the application is October 15th.  Since the volume for internship requests has increased, the process has become more competitive.  We aim to accommodate as many requests as possible.  Notification to recipients will be sent on October 30th.  The deadline for acceptance of the internship is November 15th.

HMS students can receive course credit for this Internship through the HMS Internship course, HMS 293 - 010 (“Design your own Internship”). Applying for HMS 293 is done through the HMS Director, Dr. Jessecae Marsh. Contact her for more details on the course:


Health, Medicine and Society – Lehigh University 

St. Luke’s University Health Network’s recent Community Health Needs Assessment identified health disparities in our local Bethlehem community as a priority health issue to address.  As a result, representatives from local colleges, St. Luke’s and The Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley have partnered to create a Center for Integrative Health (CIH) at the Hispanic Center in South Bethlehem.  The focus of this internship experience will be to contribute to various projects facilitated through the CIH, such the local Food Bank, Senior Center, etc. Students will be responsible for developing and implementing prevention programs, creating evaluation tools, integrating mental and physical health services, and creating interdisciplinary training programs to engage the local community in solving important health and social issues. 

Students will work with a combination of staff and faculty from the Hispanic Center, St. Luke’s, and Lehigh University to assist in developing programs through the CIH to promote health equity and reduce health disparities for the South Bethlehem community.  Students may participate in activities related to data collection, program management, marketing of community initiatives, and grant writing.  Specific programs students may work with include: healthy food options for the food bank, promoting health and well-being for older individuals who attend the senior center, diabetes prevention and management, and community empowerment initiatives such as the Fatherhood Initiative and job readiness programs.  

Internships are available for Spring 2018 for Lehigh University HMS students ONLY who have already taken HMS 180 Introduction to Public Health OR HMS/SOC 160 Medicine and Society.  Eligible students must be of sophomore, junior, or senior standing.  Preference will be given to students with flexible schedules and expressed interest in completing the internship for a second semester. Students should expect that some activities for the internship may take place on weekends, evening, as well as during regular business hours. Students must also sign an internship contract and receive formal clearance through St. Luke’s’ which includes components such as: a criminal background check, TB test, drug screening, fingerprinting, etc. All costs for these clearances must be assumed by the student and must be completed BEFORE January 15, 2018.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic withdraw from the internship. 

This internship qualifies for 3-4 credits of HMS 293 - 011Internship, where students are expected to work a minimum of 9-15 hours per week depending on the credits signed up for.  The grade for the internship credits can count towards the HMS minor or major, and is based on (1) Evaluation of student performance by St. Luke’s, CIH, and Hispanic Center staff ~50%, (2) Weekly journal assignments of 1-2 pages in length that detail the activities completed for the week and integrate scheduled readings ~25%, and (3) A final reflection or research paper due during finals week ~25%. Attendance & participation at weekly meetings on Fridays 12:10 – 1pm throughout the spring semester is also required. This internship is formally supervised under the direction of Dr. Bonnie Coyle and Dr. Rajika Reed. For more information about the internship duties, email Dr. Rajika Reed at

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St. Luke's University Volunteer Program

St. Luke’s University Health Network is offering an exciting new volunteer program for college students majoring in health-related fields.  The program is an excellent opportunity for students to engage with and learn from public health and health care professionals while providing an important community health service in our local area.

 The program is a collaboration between the St. Luke’s Trauma Department and the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, to offer a Fall Prevention program to older individuals at risk of falling.  The Fall Prevention program is an evidence-based program, offered for 2 hours each week for 8 weeks, and is taught by two coaches.  Participants will learn how to prevent falls and control fear of falling, set realistic goals for increasing activity, change their environment to reduce fall risk factors, and promote exercise to increase strength and balance. You can learn more about the program by clicking on the following link:

St. Luke’s community health needs assessment identified elder health as a major health priority in our local area, and elder falls are one of the most common causes of injury and hospitalization both locally and nationally.  This falls prevention program is based on a national model, with the goal of reducing fall related injuries for at-risk individuals.

Students must be available to:

          * volunteer for an entire school year (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters) , approximately 3-4 hours per week
          * assist with coaching at least two 8 week programs each year.
          * attend an 8 hour training at the beginning of the Fall semester.    

This learning experience will  help students understand the bridge between clinical medicine and population health, while serving one of the fastest growing age demographic in our nation.  If interested in being a volunteer coach for this program, please send a resume to Rajika Reed at